David Goffin has confirmed to come back to Shenzhen Open this September

Former World’s NO.7 Tennis Player David Goffin,who has won ATP World Tour Champions for four times, has confirmed to come back to Shenzhen and participate in 2018 Shenzhen Open this September.

Last year in Shenzhen Open Finals, Goffin had an intense competition with Alexandr Dolgopolov. After three rounds, he finally broke the record and won his first Champion Trophy in three years.

Goffin is the first player who has been announced for Shenzhen Open this year, and we believe there will be more to join us. During Sept 22 - 30, all the players will gather at Shenzhen Longgang Sports Center to compete for the Champion with the prize money up to 800,000 US dollars.

Defending Champion Goffin has expressed his expectation for the competition this year: “I am very excited to be able to return to the Shenzhen Open again. Last year’s winning experience has given me a lot of unforgettable memories. I can’t wait to come back to Shenzhen, this beautiful city. I will see you all in September!"

“We are very pleased that the defending champion can return to Shenzhen.” Mr. Lei Sun, the tournament director of the ATP Shenzhen Open, is looking forward to Goffing’s return. “He was a stable player in the tour but also very explosive. You can tell from his defeat of Nadal and Federer in the London Finals last year.

After winning the Shenzhen Open last year, Goffin has begun his winning journey. David Goffin, considered as the Best Male Player in Belgium, was on fire at 2017 London ATP Finals. He beat the World’s No.1 Rafa Nadal in the 1st round of group match, and then beat Dominic Thiem in the last round of group match, stepping up for the semi-finals. And that’s not the end yet. Goffin then beat the legend Roger Federer, got the runner-up for the 2017 ATP Finals, and lifted his ranking into a new high: World’s No. 7.

Eddy Liu, the CEO of Shenzhen Gemdale Sports Industry Co, LTD., and one of the supervisors in Event Operation Group, has also expressed his expectation for Shenzhen Open in September. Eddy said, “In the past two years, we have Goffin here in Shenzhen. We also witnessed his success. He is indeed an old friend to all of us. We will strongly welcome him back to Shenzhen this year!”

The ATP Shenzhen Open has now come to its fifth year. It is jointly organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Shenzhen Longgang Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Shenzhen Gemdale Sports Industry Co., Ltd. and Kaisa Culture Sports & Tourism Group. With the sponsorship of Gemdale Group, Kaisa Group, Emirates, Suez NWS, FedEx, and Head, we will promise to offer a better experience for all of you.